Microsoft Software Asset Management

There are a number of different digital asset software management that you are able to choose from. One of the more popular is made by Microsoft. The Microsoft Software Asset Management is used to minimize and optimize the IT assets in an organization. Using this will help to protect any investments that you have and will help you to use all of the assets you have efficiently.


  • In order to understand what this software is you must first understand the benefits that it can bring to your business. Knowing each of these benefits will allow you to weigh your options and decide if this is the best product for you to use.
  • Control costs and any business risks to put it in a better financial position.
  • Optimize any existing investments you have so that you are able to do more with what you already have.
  • Help to grow with the needs that the company has, both in size and increased flexibility.
  • Create a detailed plan to help your business to succeed. It is easy to use and technicians are standing by to help.

How To Get Started

The first step you will take when using this program is to know what your assets are. Make a list of everything that you have and create a detailed inventory in the Microsoft Software Asset Management. If you have a small business than you can do this manually. Large businesses should take advantage of the discovery tools that will scan the network and input it all.

Now that you have a list of what you own you must create an inventory of any licenses you have bought. Optimize and manage the software assets by finding, recording, and organizing all of the necessary documents. After this process you should be able to manage the library of licenses and keep them organized as needed.

Make sure that you keep the plan that you have created up to date and to perform frequents checks. Regularly schedules software inventories will help to keep everything up to date and avoid any problems or mistakes.